Forging Facility

We forge parts in numerous shapes and a wide range of dimensions in small and large production runs.


Capability in open die forging:

STAHLWERK AUGUSTFEHN has been free-form forging for more than 140 years.

The following indicate some of the possibilities in our vast range of products and services:

Forging units

  • 10 MN hydraulic press
  • 2,500 kg hammer

Maximum parameters:

  • Cross-section 800 mm
  • Weight 6,000 kg

Final dimensions:

All common materials can be processed, e.g.

  • General structural steel; St52, C45
  • High alloy structural steel
  • High grade alloy tool steel, and
  • Special alloys
  • Manganese hard Hadfield steel

Manufacturing according to the following criteria:

  • Drawings (preliminary and final)
  • Delivery specifications
  • Regulations and standards

The following final products are manufactured:

  • Freeform forgings
  • Perforated rings
  • Forged discs and plates
  • Shafts with shoulders and other contour elements
  • Contour forged bars
  • Curved forged products
  • Forged products with flame-cut contours

Forging dies and jigs are manufactured and assembled in our own toolmaking shop.

Capability in closed-die

Definition of closed-die
Die-forged or swaged parts are produced using our 650 metric ton percussive screw press or our 2,500 kg hammer.  Quantities range from single parts to small serial production and upward.

Piece weight
Forged parts can weigh up to 100 kg.

Steel qualities
All common steel qualities can be processed.

Forging dies and associated devices come from our own toolmaking shop.

Parts are processed according to the drawings, requirements and the customer’s preferences.