Hammer Pin Shafts

Forged Hammer Pin Shafts

Win the battle in the drum!

Augustfehn hammers in shredder plant


Augustfehn’s forged hammer pins our the industry gold standard. We developed these special shafts to match the performance of our forged shredder hammers. With few exceptions, our hammers will out last the industry standard pin shaft so we needed a pin shaft that would match the performance of our hammers.

We purchase our raw materials as continuous cast blooms and bottom poured ingots strictly from German steel works that can meet our tight chemistry specifications. To keep gaseous impurities within limits our steel is vacuum degassed. From there we forge the material into bars, machine to net shape as well as heat treat to for optimal performance. As you can see this is a completely different material from what suppliers typically deliver.

The real savings go beyond hammer pin cost per ton shredded. Customers worldwide report less machine damage from broken shafts and less down time to maintain their shredders. Let us help you reduce your wear parts cost and decrease downtime and machine damage. Request a quotation today.

Finished Forged Hammer Pins:

Finished forged hammer pin shafts



Special steel with a high nickel and reduced carbon content to improve toughness and resistance to dynamic stress with approximately 1500 N/mm2 tensile strength. Extremely tough high performance steel optimal for hammer pin shafts in shredder plants.

Short delivery time and many wear parts in stock – especially for you! Request a quotation today.