Impact Crusher Blow Bars

Forged Horizontal Impact Crusher Blow Bars

Augustfehn’s forged crusher blow bars deliver better wear part life over castings and save operators in maintenance costs.

Our horizontal impact crusher blow bars are forged from continuous cast blooms and bottom poured ingots strictly from German steel works that meet our tight chemistry specifications. To keep gaseous impurities within limits our steel is vacuum degassed. From there we forge the material into bars, machine details and heat treat for optimal performance. As you can see this is a completely different material from what foundaries can deliver.

The real savings go beyond wear parts.. Customers worldwide report less machine damage from broken bars and less down time to maintain their crushers. Let us help you reduce your mill wear parts cost, decrease downtime and machine damage.

Forged Blow Bar Types Avaliable

Finished forged hammer pin shafts


Material selection


Ni-Cr-Mo-V alloy steel with working hardness 400-560 HB while retaining good impact strength.


Ni-Cr-Mo-V alloy special steel with high nickel content (c. 3%) and high carbon content, resulting in hardness up to 560 HB, and very high impact strength.


Chrome alloy steel (Cr 12-14%) with carbon content approx. 1.6%. Preferred for parts which are subject to highly abrasive conditions.


Manganese hard steel with Mn content 12-14%, having good resistance to high pressure and heavy impacts. Possibility of surface hardening to hardness of approx. 200-500 HB.

Short delivery time and many wear parts in stock – especially for you!