Large Segmented Slewing Bearings and Gears

Forged Slewing Bearings and Gears

We have a complete production line for large slewing bearings and gears that serve the mining and bulk cargo handling industries. We deliver installation-ready sub-assemblies in segmented design with diameters in the 4-22 meter range. The ball bearing segments and gear rings are based on free form forged segmented elements using Stahlwerk Augustfehn's special process. Included in this program are the ball carriers/spacers, balls, joining elements and oil lubrication channels.

large slewing bearing with gears

Our production size limits are: segment lengths up to 5 meters and part weight up to 3 tons. Segments are individually forged and taken through our intensive production process resulting in complete installation ready bearings and gears assemblies.


forging large bearings

In addition to typical steels like CK45, 42CrMo4 and 50CrV4 we also deliver large bearings in specialty steels like 30CrNiMo8 or 34CrNiMo6.

We have delivered our high quality slewing bearings and gears to world renowned clients like ThyssenKrupp Foerdertechnik GmbH, RWE Power AG, FAM Magdeburger Foerderanlagen and Baumaschinene GmbH and Rothe Erde GmbH demonstrating the qualitative nature of our bearing and gear product line as well as Stahlwerk Augustfehn's production technology available to you.

large slewing bearing rings

large slewing bearing and gears details

Range of products: Ball Bearing Races, Gear Rims, Bearing Cages, Spacers and Balls.

We produce complete components according to your specifications for fastening and lubrication.

segmented slewing gears

large slewing gear

Contact us today to discuss your special requirements and we can work out an exceptional, durable and long lasting bearing and gear solution to suit your needs.