Scrap Steel & Metals Recycling

Forged Wear parts for Recycling

Long service life and optimal economic efficiency

We have over 140 years of experience in forging. This combined with highly motivated technical personnel and state-of-the-art equipment enables us to produce wear parts which fully meet your expectations.
We use high-purity select materials throughout. The parts are forged, heat treated, machined and otherwise modified to fit your requirements. All of this means that the term “wear parts” seems almost inappropriate when one considers the long service life of our products:
Shredder hammers, pin shafts, impact-, armour-, and lining plates, grate & grizzley bars, scrap shear blades
We manufacture all these parts as forgings for use in hammer mills, crushers, impact pulverizers and shears, for highest loads and superior performance.

Forged wear parts for recycling: Hammer, Liner Plate & Shear Blade

Material selection

DURIT VS 140/190/240
Cr-Si-V alloy special steel, with working hardness of 360-550 HB while retaining good impact strength.
Use: Armour plates, lining plates, impact plates, baffle plates, hammers, and grate bars

Ni-Cr-Mo-V alloy special steel with high nickel content (approx. 3%) and high carbon content, resulting in hardness up to 560 HB, and very high impact strength.
Use: Hammers and blow bars

Special steel with a high nickel and reduced carbon content to improve toughness and resistance to dynamic stress with approximately 1500 N/mm2 tensile strength. Extremely tough, high performance steel optimal for hammer pin shafts in shredder plants.

Manganese hard steel with Mn content 12-14%, having good resistance to high pressure and heavy impacts. Possibility of impact surface hardening to a hardness of approx. 200-500 HB.
Use: Hammers and blow bars

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