“Hard” Contract Manufacturing Services

While much of what we do at Augustfehn tends to align around product groups, we also make available our contract manufacturing services..  Our up-to-date manufacturing facilities are cutting edge and manned with an extremely skilled, competent and motivated workforce.  We are fully ISO 9001-2008 certified, are well versed in working with industry standards like DIN, BSI, ANSI, ISO, ASTM International and others.  We can work a wide range of wear resistant steel chemistries as well as specialty high strength tool steels. Should you have a need for open-die or closed-die upset forgings, delivered as rough parts or through complete ready to install components, we look forward to discussing your requirements.  We have contract capabilities in these primary areas:


Intellectual Services

Our staff that is highly trained and experienced in: Metallurgical Engineering, Tribology and Wear, Mechanical Design Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering.  Not only do we have a highly educated workforce but one that is dedicated to a company that has over 140 years of continuous experience providing products and services in our area of specialization.

“Soft” Engineering Skills

Finding and producing exceptional solutions that extend the lifecycle of parts and components for our customers has been the “life work” of Augustfehn.   We are driven to develop solutions that may seem unorthodox in today’s world where part cost is the primary denominator and where many suppliers base their business model on engineered obsolescence to generate future business. 

We are different and here is why:  

Our approach is to offer solutions that are better in terms of part cost per throughput and provide additional benefits resulting in tertiary savings.  In other words, If we have not reduced your wear part cost per ton, saved you time and money maintaining your equipment and helped you avoid damage due to wear part failure we have not done our job. We are not for everybody ans we benefit customers most that have measures and controls in place, understand their businesses well and are looking for additional ways to improve their performance.

While we offer many parts that appear standard, none of them began that way. 

Every solution we produce started as a custom solution for some customer.  It has worked out that many customers’ needs are similar which often gives us a great starting point.  Our sales rarely involve simply selling a standard, off-the-shelf part to a customer. We see each customer as unique, bringing their own set of requirements that must be fulfilled to give them the greatest value.  In meeting these requirements we listen carefully and gather what we need to design, manufacture and deliver you the best solution.

We take great pride knowing our customers recognize our problem solving ability and look to us as a partner that will enthusiastically help them come up with time and money saving solutions.  Almost every customer visit we make leads to discussions of how we can solve additional needs that are unrelated to our original meeting agenda.  Taking care of the foreseen and unforeseen needs is yet another way we give you better value and service.  Our unique parts and our ability to provide this service is what make us outstanding.

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