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Augustfehn hammers in shredder plant


Augustfehn’s forged shredder hammers typically yield an additional 20 to 40% in tonnage processed per hammer set over the best cast alloy hammers. Augustfehn’s hammers are able to achieve these results because of two primary differences:

1. We use deep hardening, high quality tool steels that cannot be cast in a foundry. This material is very similar to steel used in forging dies and other applications where high impact strength, along with high wear resistance, is required.

2. Since our hammers are not cast but forged from billet, we can hot work a wider variety of steel chemistries. In this case AUDRIT 60A, DURIT VS 140/190/240 and optimize metallurgical properties, such as grain size, and achieve excellent mechanical properties that are specifically suited to the application.

We purchase our raw materials as continuous cast blooms and ingots strictly from German steel works that can meet our tight chemistry specifications. To keep gaseous impurities within limits our steel is vacuum degassed. As you can see this is a completely different material from what a foundry can formulate and pour into a mold with molten metal exposed to open air.

The real savings go beyond hammer cost per ton shredded. Customers worldwide report less machine damage from broken hammers and less down time to maintain hammers. Let us help you reduce your wear parts cost and decrease downtime and machine damage. Request a quotation today.

Overview of our Shredder Hammer Program:

Overview of Augustfehn's shredder hammer types

Finished Forged Shredder Hammers:

Overview of Augustfehn's shredder hammer types


Material selection

Ni-Cr-Mo-V alloy special steel with high nickel content (approx. 3%) and high carbon content, resulting in hardness up to 560 HB, and very high impact strength.
Use: Hammers and blow bars

Manganese hard steel with Mn content 12-14%, having good resistance to high pressure and heavy impacts. Possibility of impact surface hardening to a hardness of approx. 200-500 HB.
Use: Hammers and blow bars

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