Stahlwerk Augustfehn Schmiede (Forge)

Stahlwerk Augustfehn has been successful with its products in a number of markets for over 140 years. A key to this success has been the skill, dedication and enthusiasm of our employees along with our ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and specialize in products and services where we set the standard for quality.
We continue to build on our good relationships with customers, suppliers and market partnerships and have precisely tuned our production processes to ensure customers will receive tailor made solutions that meet or exceed typical standards.
As genuine problem solvers, we deliver ready-to-operate products, i.e. we can manufacture ready-to-install components exactly to customer specifications using specific procedures and adapt them when necessary.
Our comprehensive range of services includes close and intensive consultation with the customer to ensure the appropriate choice of materials and, if desired, the construction and design of necessary components.
We are a medium sized independent forging company with facilities and flexibility to assist virtually any customer in meeting the most demanding objectives.
We have an extensive product range and are experienced with a wide range of materials. Our competencies and manufacturing capacity enable large scale production runs to be delivered within deadline.  Stahlwerk Augustfehn, Germany's homepage.