Turbomech (Machining)

TurboMech GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Stahlwerk Augustfehn in 2005 by moving the machining operations of Stahlwerk Augustfehn to this newly formed entity.
Founded in 1872, Stahlwerk Augustfehn has successfully adapted to changes in ownership as well as social-political and economic changes. Throughout generations, products from Augustfehn have continuously lived up to their namesake for remarkable durability and consistency. Since coming under the general management of Peter Finkernagel in 1989, Stahlwerk entered a new era of company history of adaptation and modernization.
Across the world the name "TurboMech" stands for high-quality, long-lasting and reliable products made of forged high-alloy steels for the widest variety of purposes. Networked CAD and CAM systems ensure that a high degree of process quality is documented.
We manufacture products that are subject to the highest requirements. We supply chemical companies, automobile groups, and mechanical and plant engineering companies. For shipbuilders, energy-supply groups, mining and the recycling industry, we are a capable and experienced partner. We want not only to be the service-provider but the partner of our customers. Every single employee works to make sure that your requirements for the high quality of our products are always fulfilled to your satisfaction. We want to be exemplary, in our reliability, dimensional standards and ethics – both in cooperation within the company and towards our customers and partners. Our goal is to reward you for your confidence in us with high quality products and services so you will remain a long-term, loyal customer and partner. TurboMech's homepage.