Production Facilities in Germany

Stahlwerk Augustfehn has been successful with its products in a number of markets for over 140 years. A key to this success has been the skill, dedication and enthusiasm of our employees along with our ability to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and specialize in products and services where we set the standard for quality.
We continue to build on our good relationships with customers, suppliers and market partnerships and have precisely tuned our production processes to ensu

TurboMech GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Stahlwerk Augustfehn in 2005 by moving the machining operations of Stahlwerk Augustfehn to this newly formed entity.
Founded in 1872, Stahlwerk Augustfehn has successfully adapted to changes in ownership as well as social-political and economic changes. Throughout generations, products from Augustfehn have continuously lived up to their namesake for remarkable durability and consistency. Since coming under the general management of Peter Fink

FVT (Friesische Verschleisstechnik GmbH) specializes in wear parts for the mining and excavating industries and was formed in 1997 by moving Stahlwerk Augustfehn’s bushing, bolt and clevis-pin production into a fully modernized, newly formed entity. This move combined the experience and skill set of our dedicated employees with a fully modernized and updated production facility. The result has been our ability to meet changing market conditions with continuously improved products such as ou