Hammer Pin Shafts

With 150 years of experience, highly motivated specialists and modern up-to-date production facilities, we guarantee your wear parts needs and expectations are totally fulfilled. Our hammer pins are an extremely tough high-performance steel product optimal for hammer pin shafts in recycling shredder and mineral processing plants. We strongly recommend using forged pins with forged shredder hammers to achieve minimized wear between hammer and pin shaft and thus easy extraction when rotating or changing hammers. The real savings go beyond hammer pin cost per ton shredded. Customers worldwide report less machine damage from broken shafts and less down time to maintain their shredders. Let us help you reduce your wear parts cost and decrease downtime and machine damage. Request a quotation today.

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Hammerachsen Schredder Recycling



Ni-Cr-Mo alloy special steel with very high nickel content, and high breaking resistance. Hardness adjusted to hammer borehole for optimal wear characteristics.
Use: Pin-shafts

Other grades available on request!

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For more information please download the spec sheet here.