Shredder hammers

Hammers / hammer for shredder sites, hammermills, crushers or rotor mills for recycling / scrap or mineral processing. Augustfehn’s hammers are able to achieve the best results because of two primary differences:

1. We use deep hardening, high-quality tool steels that cannot be cast in a foundry. This material is very similar to steel used in forging dies and other applications where high impact strength, along with high wear resistance, is required.

2. Since our hammers are not cast but forged from billet, we can hot work a wider variety of steel chemistries. In this case AUDRIT 60A, DURIT VS 190/240 and optimize metallurgical properties, such as grain size, and achieve excellent mechanical properties that are specifically suited to the application.

The real savings go beyond hammer cost per ton shredded. Customers worldwide report less machine damage from broken hammers and less downtime to maintain hammers. Let us help you reduce your wear parts cost and decrease downtime and machine damage. Request a quotation today.

Hammers from 20 to 1100 lbs!

Our customers experience:

Differentially heat treatment shredder hammer

Differentially Heat Treated (DHT) for minimal pin-wear and optimal resistance to breakage.


Ni-Cr-Mo-V alloy special steel with high nickel content (approx. 3%) and high carbon content resulting in hardness up to 560 HB and very high impact strength.
Uses: Hammers and blow bars


Cr-Si-V alloy special steel with working hardness of 420-460 HB and retaining good impact strength.
Uses: Wear, lining, armor and impact plates, hammers and grate bars


Steel with good resistance to heavy impacts and a working hardness of 390-450 HB.
Uses: Hammers and blow bars

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